Washitsu Dojo Kit [Detail]

One Tsubo Tatami Room Kit





  1. All parts of Dojo kit
  2. Inside look of the room
  3. Exterior look of the Dojo kit.

How to assemble

  1. First, place the Tatami matt on the floor and stand the window sided wall.
  2. Place another wall to form an L-Shape.
  3. Place the case to increase strength on the wall
  4. Can be used as an open room
  5. Place the rest of the walls
  6. Place the rest of the walls
  7. Assemble the threshold
  8. Assemble the ceiling wall
  9. Place the sliding door (shoji)
  10. Place the ceiling wall to complete the room

Can be made in any size.
Color and design can be adjusted to personal preference.
Contact us for further inquiry.